Corsica-Stickney High School Students Awarded Swier Law Firm's 2017 "Future Leader's Scholarship"


We are pleased to announce that Sam Schumacher, Hannah Matzner, and Hunter Johnson of Corsica-Stickney High School were awarded Swier Law Firm's 2017 "Future Leaders" Scholarships! 


College-bound seniors graduating from Corsica-Stickney High School are awarded the "Future Leaders" Scholarship based on academic and extra-curricular achievement, school and community service, financial need, a commitment to excellence, and a clear plan for future success.


“Our law firm is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to encourage students in Corsica and Stickney to pursue higher education,” said Jake Fischer. “Corsica and Stickney are both communities that take immense pride in helping our school and students achieve their goals. Our law firm's scholarship program is a great way to recognize our high school students for their hard work and provide an opportunity for future success. Sam, Hannah, and Hunter are outstanding young people and very deserving of this honor."


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