Can You Be Arrested for Scootering Under the Influence?

Charles Huff
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Who doesn’t want to start their morning by watching a person in a three-piece suit whiz past on an electric scooter reminiscent of the early 2000s Razor era? “Late for a meeting!” they may shout back as they whisk themselves down the block and into an office building. “What did I just see?” you may think to yourself.


If you haven’t experienced this yet, take note: Scooters are not just for kids anymore. They are entering the mainstream as various cities add pay-to-use scooter rentals from brands like JUMP, Spin, and Lime for fast, cheap, leave-them-anywhere transportation. Even Lyft is getting in on the action with rentable scooters. It is all in the name of fun (and getting somewhere fast), but there can be a dangerous side. In the hands of hurried people, scooters – many motorized ones can go up to 15 mph – can move fast enough to hurt operators or innocent bystanders.


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